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History Day 7.6.19

For history day we all dressed and learnt about the Victorians. We researched life of Victorians, compared rich and poor, played classic Victorian games and dances. We taught in the style of Victorian teachers and classrooms were designed in the Victorian way.

Year 3 had a fantastic time making Bronze Age Clay Pots as part of their Tribal tales topic!

On Tuesday 27th November the choir attended ‘Christmas At The Movies’ Concert at the Forest Arts A3 Arena.  Parents and general public paid to watch our amazing choir sing popular songs from Christmas Films.

Year 3 had a fantastic time when Andy from the Falconry Centre visited us in the Spring Term for our WOW experience as part of our Predator topic. We had the chance to meet three types of owl, a kestrel, a buzzard and a Harris hawk.

One of our favourite trips in Year 3 was our visit to Cadbury World!