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Read Write Inc.

To enable our children to learn how to read in a positive and enthusiastic way, we use the Read Write Inc programme. Children in our school begin to learn to read by firstly learning the sounds, they start to do this in our Nursery.

Here is a video to help you hear how the sounds are pronounced.

In Reception and Key stage 1 children have a daily Read Write Inc lesson.

Once the children can identify the sounds confidently, they begin to blend sounds to read words. The words are called green words that can be ‘sounded out’ and red words that the children need to learn.

Image result for rwi red words

When children can blend and read words, they start to read books. The books are then taken home after the children have read them in class, to enable them to read at home.

The children are assessed once every half term to ensure they are working at the correct level. Children work in small mixed groups of Reception, Year 1/2 and occasionally some Key stage 2 children to ensure they are working at their appropriate reading level.

When the child has reached the end of the Read Write Inc programme they join Literacy in their year group.

We have parent sessions during each half term where parents can work alongside their child in their Read Write Inc lesson.