Caldmore Primary Academy, Carless Street, Walsall, WS1 3RH

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Music is a multi-sensory experience. Listening, seeing, feeling, singing, playing and moving are all important in musical education.

Unlike activities which depend on verbal interaction, music is able to communicate with every child, irrespective of their ability to speak English.

Many of the children entering Caldmore Primary Academy have little or no command of the English language and it is often through music that the first breakthrough is made.


Our aim is to develop the children’s ability to respond to music through listening, moving, singing and playing, giving all children a chance to succeed.

All children undertake music as a creative process that combines their intellectual and practical skills through purposeful practical activities. The children in classes 4 and 5 receive their music tuition through the ”Wider Opportunities” intiative delivered by the local authority. Children in the other classes are taught by their class teacher.