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Class Teacher: Miss Barnsley

Welcome to Year 6CB!

Our Teaching Assistants are : Mrs Kaur and Ms Gibson

Key Information for Year Six Parents


We expect all the children to read at least five times a week and fill in their reading diary. Parents, please sign their reading diary at least once a week. I will check reading diaries every Monday.
English homework This will be a reading comprehension. It will be given out on Thursday and must be returned by Tuesday.
Internet resources If you or your child ever wants extra homework there are several websites that the school has subscriptions with. These include Mathletics and Purple Mash.
Maths homework This will be a mini-test. It will be given out on Tuesday and must be returned by Thursday.
Arithmetic Every week the children will complete a short arithmetic test. They will then take them home. Please look at the tests, sign and return to school. If you able to help with some of the questions they got wrong, that would be very helpful.
P.E. Weekly P.E. lessons will take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please leave kits in school and wash them during the holidays.  If your child attends an after school club, please bring the kit back to school in time for the next P.E. lesson.

Our Current Topic is – The Victorians

We are learning all about significant people in the Victorian period such as Florence Nightingale, Charles Darwin and Alexander Bell.

We are also examining the experiences of children who lived in the Victorian era!

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In English we are:

Writing a story which uses tension.

In Maths we are learning:

Geometry, negative numbers and using the mean.

In Science we are learning:


See our pictures from International Science Week!

In Music we will be:

learning to play saxophones and clarinets from specialist teacher Mrs Stevens.

In Computing we will be:
writing computer code that contains variables, repetition and loops.


To be a superstar and succeed in year 6:

Read 5 times a week.

Complete your homework.

Go on Mathletics.

Get your arithmetic test signed.

Give 100%



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