Caldmore Primary Academy, Carless Street, Walsall, WS1 3RH

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Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Science Mixtures and materials. Identifying and comparing everyday materials and plants. Living things and their habitats and food chains.
PE Dance  Keeping fit and gymnastics. Games
History Castle life.  History of the local area. History of the seaside.
Geography Structures around the world.  Street detectives – local area. Field work.
Coastal features.
RE Celebrations  Leaders and teachers. Beliefs
DT / Art Structures, bridges, towers, castles.
Castle models.
Cooking food.
Making fragrant products.
Selecting tools and materials.
Baking, sign making, designing buildings.
Origins of food.
Selecting natural materials.
Finger puppets.
Music Making sounds using different mixtures.  Action Rhymes. Playing tuned and untuned musical instruments.