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What do parents think?

RWI Parents Meeting 9.11.18

‘Yes, this has been helpful, lots of information.’ (Maham’s mommy)

Yes, really helpful, we can help them.’ (Inayah’s mommy)

‘Yes, I am understanding my child has great learning in school. I am very grateful.’ (Syeda’s mommy)

‘It has been helpful and I can help my child at home.’ (Amandeep’s mommy)

‘Yes, it’s great to have an understanding of what my child is learning.’ (Iniyah-Mae’s mommy)

‘Yes, it showed me different ways of having fun to help Joshua at home.'(Joshua’s mommy)

‘I would like another workshop to learn how to sound out the sounds that my child is learning.’ (Evaline’s mommy)

‘A lot of helpful resources I can use with my child at home.'(Rikayah’s mommy)



Parent Consultation

                “Teachers work hard with children. A big salute to all teachers who have given me new ideas and things to do with my daughter” said Abiha’s mom. (2016)

“My daughter wants to come to school everyday, even in the holidays” said Iqra’s mommy.(2016)

We really care about our parent’s views. We ask parents to feedback regularly to ensure we continue to build on our partnership.