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1000 Stories Launch! (16.10.19)

Thank you to all the parents that attend our meeting today, it was great to see so many parents.

Click on the link to view the power point

1000 Stories Rec Parent Workshop Caldmore

Let’s get reading!!!


Nursery Library Visit

27.02.19 & 28.02.19

As part of raising the profile of reading nursery children and parents went on a visit to the ‘Birmingham Library.’

They all have a fantastic time and got the chance to share lots of books and listen to several stories.

For some children it was not only the first time that they had been to visit the Birmingham library but also the first time they had been on a bus.

Take a look at our AM nursery pictures.

Take a look at our PM nursery pictures.

Writing Workshop!

Reception 28.02.19

A huge thank you to parent’s that attended today’s writing workshop.

We look forward to seeing the progress you child makes throughout your child’s 6 week writing challenge!

Parent’s comments:

“I learnt about letter formations”

“I would like future workshops for reading.”

“It was good to see how I can help my child, thanks for your help.”

“I learnt how to encourage them to write.”


RWI Reception Parent Meeting 9.11.18

60% of parents attended our meeting today to find find out how they can support their child’s progress in reading.

To find out what parents thought of the meeting have a look at ‘What do parents think?’ on our school website.

RWI reading parent meeting 9.11.18 power point

‘Writing Workshop’ 6.6.18

A huge thank you to all the parents that attended the writing workshop today to celebrate their child’s writing.

Children produced some fantastic pieces of writing and the progress has been amazing!



‘Easter Bonnet Parade’


Wow!! An amazing turnout for the Easter Bonnet Parade today.

Parents and children showed off their creative skills and produced some fantastic bonnets.

Teachers didn’t do to badly either.

It was extremely hard to choose a winner.

Congratulations to winners!


Celebrating Mother’s Day!


Children created gifts and sang songs to their moms to say thank you for all the wonderful things they do.

Tears of pride and happiness!


‘Reception Writing Workshop’7.3.18

Parent comments


It was interesting, I liked it.”

“The teachers are helpful.”

“It was really helpful, I would like more sessions.”

“I have got lots of ideas to help my child with their writing at home.”

Parents and children were set a 6 week challenge to help their child develop their writing skills.

Each week a writing task was given for parents and children to complete at home. We will then celebrate their achievements and compare their writing their initial piece that they did during the workshop.

Parents don’t forget to get your weekly sticker!


RWI Workshop 6.4.18

A huge thank you to our RWI Leader who helped to support and deliver the workshop!

RWI is a phonics programme which helps children to develop their reading and writing skills.


‘Scrimble Workshop’ 28.2.18

Scrimble is a fantastic resource which helps children to develop their writing skills.

Spring Parent Consultation Day! 16.2.18

It was fantastic to see so many family members attend consultations to discuss childrens progress and provide feedback about what they think about early years.

Children were eager to share their learning journals!

Reception Maths Parent and Child Workshop 31.01.18

Parents and children loved exploring the maths activities that had been set up. They were able to gain lots of ideas that they could try out at home and also gained a greater understanding of the maths curriculum in early years.

We are so lucky to have such amazing and parents and children at our school!!!


Nursery Maths Parent and Child Workshop 31.01.18

Wow!!!Another amazing turnout.

Due to requests from feedback forms from previous workshops we were happy to provide a maths workshop to inform parents about the early years maths curriculum, activities that are done within the setting and ideas for maths activities/ games which can be done at home.


A huge thank you to all the parents that came to our ‘Cristmas Craft’ parent and child session. Children were delighted to get creative with their family members. 19.12.17

Parental Engagement!

‘Scrimble Parent and Child Workshop’ February 2017

Comments from parents/ carers

“It was very helpful and interesting to find out how kids learn different things.”

“I found it different and found out how I can help my child to learn to write” said Hasnain’s mom.

“Everything was really interesting” said Qasim’s dad.

“I found everything helpful and liked the writing activities that were set up” says Parveg’s dad.

“I found teachers introduction and activities very helpful” says Asma’s dad.

“Yes, very interesting. Explained all that a parent would need and want to know about writing” says J’nae’s aunt.

“I liked the introduction from Miss Mcpherson and the different activities that were set up” says Henna’s mom.

“I found it helpful, even my 14 month old baby enjoyed it. I have a clear idea about the stages my son is at” says Rizwan’s mom.

“Yes, it was very helpful. We heard lots of information” says Iqra’s mom

“The teacher’s introduction was helpful and the activities that were set up were good”says Tashina’s mom.

“I found it very, very helpful and really amazing. Teachers work hard with children. A big salute to all teachers who have given me new ideas and things to do with my daughter” said Abiha’s mom.


Parent and child workshop! December 2016 ‘Wow!!!!

What a fantastic turn out. Children proudly showed their families their art work. A big thank you for all the parents/ carers that came to our ‘EYFS Art Exhibition.’ November 2016

‘Roy Broadfield’ Parent and child writing workshop. (September 2016)

Fantastic turnout ! 87% of invited parents attended todays writing workshop (13/15). Parents really enjoyed working alongside their

Children and gave great feedback.

Parents will now continue doing at least 5 mins each day with their child and complete 6 homework tasks! Alongside that children will regularly work on those ‘tricky words.’

Thank you for all the support you are giving to your child!