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Sea Life Centre Trip 13.6.19

As what of our ‘why is water wet?’ we went on a trip to the sea life centre. We enjoyed looking at lots of different sea creatures including, turtles, fish, sharks and star fish.

Living eggs- chicks 20.6.19

We had living eggs in the classroom. We kept eggs in an incubator and watched them hatch. We then had 7 chicks in the classroom which we looked after. It was lots of fun stroking the chicks and running after them.


Pond dipping – 15.5.19

We went to the community garden to take part in pond dipping. We explored the different creatures in the pond and found lots of tadpoles.


Caterpillars – 6.5.19

We observed and talked about caterpillars. We watched the change from a caterpillar to chrysalis through the weeks. We then waited for butterfly’s.


Science Day – 12.3.19

As part of science day we participated in different experiments. We planted seeds in different environments and predicted which the seeds would grow in. We tested magnetic and non magnetic materials and sorted them. We tested if eggs would crack or not in different materials, soft and hard. We tested and predicted the speed of cars on different ramp surfaces. We also looked at changing materials whilst making butter using fresh cream.

The Little Red Hen March 2019

To enhance our story of the little red hen we made our own bread and butter and had a real life little red hen come to visit us.

World Book Day- 8.3.19

To celebrate world book day we dressed up and took part in reading and writing activities. We had stories read to us, we talked and wrote about our favourite stories and drew pictures of our favourite characters.


Pancake Day- 5.3.19

To celebrate pancake day we made, cooked, decorated and ate pancakes.

Farm on Wheels December 2019

As part of our topic, ‘Can I have a dog yet?’ we were visited by the farm on wheels. We got to see, stroke and learn about different farm animals, including a donkey, sheep, rats, hens and turkeys. We linked this to the story of Christmas and learnt lots of facts about the different animals.



Pets November 2019

As part of our topic, ‘Can I have a dag yet?’ We were visited by a different pet each day. We learnt about dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds and cats. We cared for them, stroking and feeding them. We learnt some facts about the different pets and about their likes and dislikes. We had lots of fun and really enjoyed the different pets.


International Day- England
For international day we celebrated England. We looked at facts about England, the England flag, anthem, celebrations, dances, food and the monarchy. We had lot’s of fun, learning about the queen, making crowns, flags, tasting typical foods, dances and singing the anthem.

International Day- India Autumn 2018

To celebrate international day we were welcomed to school by dohl  players. We dressed in traditional clothes and learnt facts about India. We made flags, tasted traditional foods, listened to and danced to bangra music. We then had a dohl session where we learnt how to play the drums.

Eid Celebrations

To celebrate Eid children dressed up in party clothes and some traditional clothes. We danced and played lots of outdoor games. We then had a picnic, tasting some traditional food and party food.


Butterfly Farm Trip

As part of our Why do spiders eat flies? topic we went on trip to the butterfly farm. On the trip we saw lots of different types of butterfly’s, we learnt more about the butterfly life cycle and we had a chance to see different types of caterpillars and learnt about how they adapt. As well as butterfly’s we saw other mini beasts such as ants, millipedes and tarantulas.


Royal Wedding Celebrations.

To celebrate the Royal Wedding, children came to school dressed in the Union Jack flag colours, red, blue and white. We had lots of different activities, crowns, invitation cards, flags and colouring. We then had a party, dancing, play games and finishing with a street style party on the play ground.

Author visit- Ian Billings.

We had a visit from famous children’s author Ian Billings. He read us his own version of Little Red Riding Hood, which was very exciting. Together we created a character and then we drew our own characters. We then got together  and talked about them.

Healthy body, healthy mind day.

Children had a fun day learning about how to keep there bodies and minds healthy. They took part in exercises, games, yoga, mindfulness activities, colouring and learning about healthy foods.



Science Day

We had a day of science based activities. We explored, speed and how different surfaces can help speed up or slow down a car. We explored and made predictions as to which surface would be better for planting speeds on. We experimented with magnetic and non-magnetic materials and we also tested mixing colours.

World Book Day

Children celebrated world book day by taking part in lots of different activities. The book we celebrated was Hansel and Gretel. We dressed up as book characters, we had a story read to us by a fair godmother, built houses, did writing and subtraction based on Hansel Gretel. We finished the day with drawing and writing about what we had dressed up as.

Christmas Craft afternoon

Parents joined us for a Christmas craft afternoon. There was lots of creativity to be seen, we made reindeers, Christmas tree decorations, decorated a snowman, Christmas lights and made cone Santa’s and Christmas trees.

Thank you parents for joining us.

Farm on wheels

In EYFS we had a visit from the farm on wheels!

Children were told the Christmas story and saw and asked questions about the animals. They touched and stroked animals which are apart of the nativity such as, the donkey, a turkey, a rat and chickens.

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‘No Pens Wednesday’

Children had a fantastic time dressing up as a word. We had some very imaginative costumes and children enjoyed  their learning in many creative ways without using a pen. Some staff were put into detention after they were caught using a writing tool!

‘Freshwater Theatre Company ‘Ourselves’

5th October 2017

“We’re going on a story hunt, we are going to find a good one. We’re not scared, we’re not scared.”

Reception children went on an exciting adventure exploring their five senses. They began by meeting a character called ‘Big Bird’ and searched for clues to create a story.

World Fitness Day!

27th September 2017

Children had a fantastic action packed day, promoting health and well being.

Our Early Years staff organised a range of activities for the children!

 ‘Cosmic Yoga’

‘Daily Fitness Challenge’

‘Just Dance’

‘Obstacle courses’

‘Exploring a range of physical equipment’


‘Making  a healthy pizza’

 ‘making a body using fruit ‘ ‘fruit printing’



A huge thank you to our early years staff.

Autumn Fire!!!

To start off our topic with a wow moment, we had an autumn fire! We sat in a circle of fire and toasted marshmallows. We sang some autumn songs and discussed the signs of Autumn