Caldmore Primary Academy, Carless Street, Walsall, WS1 3RH

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Special Educational Needs


At Caldmore Primary Academy we have high expectations for every child wanting them to achieve to their potential and celebrating the small steps they make on their journey.
However we understand that some children need a little bit more support and guidance in order to achieve this and at our school we ensure they are given the best possible chance to succeed.

We aim to deliver a curriculum that is personalised to the needs of each individual child at our school enabling them to benefit from a rich learning environment.
• We aim to help each child to learn in their preferred style and give them opportunities outside of the classroom.
• We aim to listen and respond to pupil and parental voice and engage all in discussions of how best to support a child.
• We aim to develop their social and emotional well-being as well as their academic attainment.
So that all children can make excellent progress, the S.E.N team support all staff in catering for any children with additional needs.

At Our School We Offer:

• Rushall Inclusion Advisory Team – Mrs N. Martin who supports the SEN team and all staff with strategies for the inclusion of children with additional needs
• Speech and Language Therapist – Mrs S. Rassool who is in school one morning a week to assess and monitor children, support staff with the delivery of interventions and train all staff in good practice.
• I.B.S.S – Mrs S. Wynn and Ms J. Lewis who support staff in supporting the needs of children with social and emotional difficulties
• Educational Psychologist – Ms. K Roberts
• Walsall Occupational Health and SEN Early Years team support when required

Good to be Green
• Word Aware
• Colourful Semantics
• Visual timelines
• Welcomm in EYFS

  • Individual workstations
    • Individual timelines
    • Makaton
    • 1:1 or small group support
    • Welcomm groups in EYFS

• Toe by Toe
• Precision teaching
• Speech and Language interventions
• Lego Therapy
• Social and Emotional interventions
• Colourful Semantics
• Numicon